Full Time Remote

A perfect option for students who want the immersive experience but can't attend one of our physical campuses. Our Full Time Remote course follows the same curriculum with the same timeline as our on campus course. Online viewable content, video calls with TA's and occasional guest speakers can add valuable support for learning to code anywhere in the world.

Course Summary

No prior experience required to enroll, students will still need to apply to be accepted as a student
~100 hours of pre-work and 12 weeks of intensive classroom instruction
Program held online but with regular scheduled class hours
Competitive tuition costs. Finance for affordable monthly payments
Virtual classroom Scheduled 9am to 5pm online class time but outside classwork assigned
Guest speakers every week bringing invaluable industry knowledge

A truly mobile classroom

Learn with a community

Daily scheduled classtime is a major advantage in having a structured support system and learning environment. Learn with other students from all over the world while you all move together on the day-to-day curriculum.

Study Groups

Using messaging tools, you can collaborate with your classmates for added support.

Instructor Support

Have classtime and office hours to talk to your instructor and TA’s about any questions.

Community Support

Progress in tandem with your classmates on a uniform course timeline.

Industry Coding Tools

Learn the tools of the trade. Our instructors will get you access to everything you need.

Steps to success

01. Pre course Prep

All students start at the very beginning. Before the first day of class, you will be expected to complete the necessary prep work. This will give you context as well as a basis to build upon once you start the course curriculum.

02. Immersive Program

For 12 weeks you will live and breathe code. The full time course requires as much attention and dedication as possible. Students can expect to attend remotely from 9:00 – 5:00 Monday through Friday. This consists of teacher instruction, video content, and student interaction. There is homework assigned and projects that will be worked on throughout the curriculum.

03. Career Services

The bootcamp is just the beginning of your journey as a career developer. Hopefully, you will continue to learn your entire life. They best place to mature as a developer is as an employee under experienced coders. Our career services and continued advisor support will help give you the best shot at getting employed. We will work closely with you to help ensure/prepare you to compete for valuable work experiences.

Chaney Ventura

“The opportunity to create within uniformity of code is a perfect balance. It lets my creativity flow while giving me a strong foundation to build from.”

I’m 24 and married, from a suburb west of Chicago. I’ve lived in Provo for 3 years. Before Bottega, I created content for an online marketing company.


Software Developer – Sales Rabbit

Sales Rabbit is a sales SAAS app based in Utah

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How long is the full bootcamp course?

Each bootcamp cohort takes 12 weeks to get through 600 hours of education and project based learning. This section completes your basic education in software engineering and qualifies you to earn your “Web Developer Certificate”.

Costs and details for Full Time Program?

Bottega offers the best Return on Investment* (ROI) in tech education. The program includes:

  • A supportive & immersive learning environment.
  • Accredited¹ curriculum.
  • Strong foundation in Computer Science equivalent to 15 credits toward a CS degree (Five 3-credit classes).
  • Articulation agreement with participating universities.

How do I keep learning after the bootcamp?

After the bootcamp there is still a lot more for a developer to keep learning to achieve mastery in the art of developing software. Bottega has built a full CS degree2 of content which is accessible to all our students to push them all the way to senior levels of skill.

After mastering all content, and completing the minimum number of project hours, you will receive your “Senior Software Engineer Certificate”, and are also eligible to earn a real Bachelor of Science Degree2 from participating sister universities after meeting their General Education and other requirements.

Other learning options

Full Time On Campus

In Person Classes. Full time
12 week curriculum

Part Time Remote

Self paced learning. Expected
completion 6-9 months part time.

  1. Bottega is accredited through AdvancED, which is a private accrediting entity. AdvancED serves as a trusted partner to 34,000 schools and school systems—employing more than four million educators and enrolling more than 20 million students—across the United States and 70 other nations. AdvancED is not a regional or national accrediting agency recognized by the United States Department of Education.